Membrane Filtration Systems –

Splitter® Series – These compact, portable, cabinet-enclosed machines are perfect for shop or department use where daily waste volumes range from under a drum up to about 250 gallons. These models operate on 115 VAC and are extremely quiet and energy efficient. As with all of our systems, they are fully automated and are designed to run unattended. A number of patented control monitoring devices ensure that the machine will shut itself off before any type of damaging condition can occur. Click here to see machine specifications.

Ultra® Series – These larger skid-mounted systems have all the same control features as the Splitter® Series. They can handle daily waste volumes of 500 gallons up to many thousands of gallons. Like the Splitters®, they are designed to operate almost continuously for years. Click here to see machine specifications.

Membrane Elements

INFINITEX membrane elements offer several patented features that maximize performance while reducing fouling. Membranes are offered in a variety of pore sizes, dimensions and feed spacer thickness to fit almost any waste application.

Please contact us for advice on the best membrane type for your application.