Ultra Series

System Specifications


  • Ultra-filtration membrane
  • Note: Membranes of various pore sizes available, from micro- to Nano-filtration
  • Stainless steel removable (cleanable) basket strainer filters to 75 micron
  • Pump & Motor: Close-Coupled Centrifugal Pump, 460 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz., Stainless Steel on all wetted parts
  • Viton seals
  • Skid mounted for mobility
  • Wash tank mounted on skid
  • Dimensions
    Length 60-108″ (depending on model)
    Width 54″
    Height 72″
  • Controls
        Microprocessor with 3-Position Timer
        Pressure Gauge
        High Temperature Warning Light
        High Temperature Limit
        Low Pressure Cutout
        Thermal Motor Overload Protection
      Permeate Flow Meter
  • Temperature Limit- 145┬░ F
  • pH Limit- 2-11 (higher with some membranes)
  • Operating Manual