New Product: Ionix HotSense™ High-Temperature Ultrasonic Transducer

Splitter NDT is extremely excited to announce our partnership with Ionix Advanced Technologies and the release of their flagship product in the portable NDT market, the HotSense™ HS582i High-Temperature Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Transducer. View Here

The HotSense™ ultrasonic transducers are designed from the ground up to operate continuously in extreme environments. Powered by Ionix’s novel and proprietary piezoelectric technology, HotSense™ transducers offer reliable, stable and cost effective ultrasonic measurements at temperatures from –40°C up to +550°C and in the presence of ionizing radiation. Designed and built in the United Kingdom to the highest quality.

What makes the HS582i transducer such an exciting new product?

  • Built on the award winning HotSenseTM ultrasonic platform powered by the proprietary Ionix HPZ Piezo-ceramic, and offering increased heat resilience
  • Dual element thickness gauging transducer for use through -55 to +550 °C [-67 to +1,022 °F] wide temperature range for in-service assets
  • 2X increased wear resistance for the most extreme environments and applications including scanning and corrosion mapping
  • Range of accessories available, including port inspection wand and safety guards for the most extreme temperatures
  • Compatible with industry standard ultrasonic gauges and flaw detectors
  • Compliant to EN 12668:2 and ASTM E/1065 to meet existing asset integrity UT procedures

What does that mean for you?

  • Reduced inspection time with no duty cycling or cooling up to +350 °C [662°F] maximizing productivity and minimizing down-time or outages with in-service inspection
  • Measure remaining wall thickness from 1 to 500 mm with compliant thickness gauges on hot assets, in-service, without shutdown or isolation
  • Better data from easier and more accurate calibration at asset temperature

Splitter NDT will have inventory of the HS582i transducer and matching armoured cable very soon. We also have an HS582i transducer available for any customer that is interested in purchasing multiple units, and would like to try it first.

Have a questions about the product or pricing? You can reach us anytime at or on WhatsApp at +1(289)271-6220.

- Splitter NDT Team



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