New Product: Vidar NDT Pro Industrial Film Digitizer

Another new partnership announcement from Splitter NDT! We are excited to announce that the Vidar NDT Pro Industrial Film Digitizer is now available through Splitter NDT in Canada, United States and Mexico. 

Film digitization is a growing need within the industry due to the many advantages of utilizing a digital medium for X-Ray inspection. Film digitization also decreases the amount of storage space required for years worth of exposed film. Our Vidar NDT Pro is an industry leading film digitizing solution that is built to meet the demands of the non-destructive testing industry.

Key Features of NDT Pro Digitizer
  • Designed for the robust NDT industry, delivering exceptional quality
  • Cost effective alternative for digitizing film
  • Lighter, smaller footprint, handles standard film formats: 2.36”–14” W x 8”– 300” L
  • High Definition CCD (HD-CCDTM) solid state, ADC (Automatic Digitizer Calibration) ensuring consistent image quality & excellent grayscale
  • Removable/field replaceable LED long-life light source
  • Meets ISO 14096 and ASME Section V standards, Class DA, DB & DS in slow mode. 0.5 to 4.5 OD.

For the complete solution, the Vidar NDT Pro is paired with our Multi-Strip Film Feeder and Gateway NDT Pro software. The film feeder allows for multiple sheets of film to be loaded and digitized at the same time, and that includes roll film! The software ensures compatibility between the film feeder and the digitizer for a more automated solution, as well as many other features.

Key Features of the Multi-Strip Film Feeder
  • Multi-Strip Film Feeder scans up to five (5) filmstrips
  • simultaneously per pass
  • Multiplies productivity
  • Reduces transition times
  • Customizable slot width
Features of Gateway NDT Pro Software
  • NDT-designed for radiographic film digitization
  • Ensures compatibility between Vidar NDT PRO Digitizer and Multi-Strip Film Feeder
  • Streamlined GUI, customizable toolbars
  • DICONDE standard image reports
  • Image Archiver tools: Create, Add, Delete, Retrieve, Export, Send

The reason and advantages for digitizing film will be highlighted in a future blog post, but if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us at or on WhatsApp at +1 (289)271-6220.

- Splitter NDT Team

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