New Splitter® X Ushers in the Next Generation of Waste Water Filtration

Splitter NDT is extremely excited to announce the launch of our Splitter® 2X and 4X wastewater filtration equipment. With advances in technology coupled with market research, the Splitter® X series will usher in the next generation of penetrant filtration products.

Using nano- and ultrafiltration membranes, the Splitter® X equipment is used to remove chemicals, oils, dyes and pigments thereby reducing the amount of wastewater disposal and create a more environmentally-conscious workplace. Now available in just two configurations, the 2X and 4X systems are capable of handling a nominal volume of 200 gallons per day and 400 gallons per day of waste water, respectively.

The new line of membrane filtration machines are designed to run virtually on their own with a Siemens programmable logic controller that monitors and records a variety of operating factors including pressure, temperature, flow rate and cleaning cycle. Data can be stored on a removable USB stick for data transfer or remote diagnostics. The touch-screen panel provides ease of operator use.

Another major enhancement is the construction of the cabinet. The updated, easily-removable membrane housing is fabricated of stainless steel material and configured horizontally in the unit. The membranes themselves had been re-designed to improve efficiency and longevity. A built-in carbon polish has been implemented for added filtration of the clean permeate water.

The durable housing frame is constructed of powder-coated steel and is equipped with locking wheels. Innovative features such as hinged, quick-locking side door; built-in spill containment; and, front-mounted electrical and plumbing panels contribute to ease of service and maintenance.

Designed for use across many industries, the applications go beyond dye penetrant rinse water. The Splitter series can be deployed in treating aqueous (water-based) cleaners, machine coolants and water-soluble cutting oils, air compressor condensate, oil-water emulsions and many other aqueous wastes.

Check out our YouTube channel for a variety of Splitter 2X and 4X videos that provide an in-depth overview of the system and the wastewater process, linked below. For more information about the new Splitter series, visit the product page linked below or contact

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Splitter™ 2X Product Page: Click Here

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