Supplier Spotlight: REL Inc.

Supplier Spotlight is a recurring segment from Splitter NDT that shares the history, background information and latest news on our valued suppliers. We are proud to represent some of the most trustworthy non-destructive testing brands in the world and believe that transparency is very important when deciding where to source your products. Today we are excited to feature REL, Inc. REL Inc. is our sole supplier of all things UV lighting. 

Based in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, REL Inc. began as machine and fabrication shop back in the early 1980's. By the year 2000, they expanded into material handling solutions and large FPI line installations. Over their history, they have continued to expand their product offering with a customer focused, problem solving approach. Apart from the NDT industry, REL Inc. manufacturers large scale material handling solutions, high strain rate equipment and automated chemical processing.

Splitter NDT is proud to partner with REL to offer the Glo-Black LED UV lighting solutions. UV lighting is an extremely important element when performing liquid penetrant or magnetic particle inspection. Not only is it critical that a UV light is built to withstand the harsh conditions of an LPI and MPI environment, it must also meet the stringent requirements of the the industry specifications. Each light module in REL's lamps contains 4 high flux-UV LED producers that have built in static-electric release circuits to enable the light to perform in all situations paying little heed to surrounding conditions. They are also tested to comply to both ASTM E3022 Standard and Roll-Royce RRES 90061 requirements.

Our UV lamp range from REL includes handheld portable options, handheld plug-in options, overhead lighting, specialty lamp options for ergonomic assistance and a variety of accessories. View our quick shop guide below and visit the product page for more information.

UV-A Inspection Lamp Style Power Light Accessories Available
C4 Magnum Glo-Black Handheld Plug-in UV-A Yes
C4 Magnum-GO Glo-Black  Handheld Plug-in UV-A and White Yes
C4 Nomad Glo-Black  Handheld Battery UV-A Yes
C4 Nomad-GO Glo-Black  Handheld Battery UV-A and White Yes
Profusion Module Overhead Plug-in UV-A Yes
Profusion XW Module Overhead Plug-in UV-A Yes
Liquid Nomad Handheld Both  UV-A Yes

Curious about REL's direction for use?

  1. Remove from impact resistant carrying case
  2. Drop
  3. Kick
  4. Use 

*Note: steps 2-4 can be performed in any order!

If you would like any more information about the REL product line, Splitter NDT or pricing please contact us at Otherwise, you can shop now at

- Splitter NDT Team

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