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CRxVision Computed Radiography System - Rental

CRxVision Packed with innovative features to increase throughput, extend plate life and provide excellent image quality, the CRxVision is designed specifically for the inspection of...
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Packed with innovative features to increase throughput, extend plate life and provide excellent image quality, the CRxVision is designed specifically for the inspection of welds. The scanner is developed to cover the stringent ISO 17636-2 Class A and B requirements, as well as ASTM, ASME and EN weld standards. Because of its versatility, it can also be used for many other applications across the NDT industry.

*Imaging plates are not included in the cost of the rental. The customer is responsible for purchasing their desired resolution and size imaging plate upon scheduling the rental with Splitter NDT Inc. Volume discounts may be available*

  • Compliant to ISO 17636-2 Class A and B, ASME, ASTM and EN weld inspection standards.
  • The CRxVision has an extremely wide latitude eliminating the need for multiple gain settings when exposing over a wide range of thicknesses. This is the result of a 16 bit image processing at selectable 35 or 70 microns resolution.
  • Exposure times for welds are equal or better than existing film exposure times (to comply with Code Standards like EN and ASME) and can be reduced by up to ten times for non-code type applications like erosion/corrosion or valve placement. Designed for extremely high throughput: 90 plates/hr at 70 microns or 28 plates/hr at 35 microns for a 10 x 40 cm (4.5 x 17”) plate. The scanner allows multiple imaging plates to be scanned simultaneously … side-by-side and back-to-back as well as various lengths to be scanned together. This is a result of the straight and flat, in-line scan and erase transport path.
  • Ability to scan any shape or size of imaging plate from 20 to 1500 mm (0.75 to 60”) in length. Imaging plates can be exposed in any type of cassette, then simply removed and inserted directly into the scanner without the need of any type of adapter, template or leader.
  • A new innovative imaging plate design now provides the GE CRxVision imaging plates with more flexibility. This new design allows each imaging plate the ability to return to a flat state after being constantly bent around pipes for the inspection of welds. This feature also helps improve productivity by allowing the imaging plates to be easily extracted and reinserted into cassettes.
  • Plate transport through the scanners is achieved by a magnetic transportation system. This new combination of scanner and imaging plate design allows the imaging plate to be transported through the scanner without any mechanical handling of the phosphor ultimately extending the overall life of the plate.
  • The updated Rhythm RT software simplifies inspection workflow. It now has the ability to automatically crop the images by detecting the physical edges of each individual plate when they are processed. Consequently, each individual plate can be separately identified and saved or grouped together and saved as one file.
  • The new scanner enjoys all the functionality offered by GE´s Rhythm Software giving the inspector the ability to view, enhance, measure, annotate and comment on the images. The CRxVision system is completely DICONDE compliant and compatible with all existing modules in GE´s Rhythm Software platform.
  • The CRxVision can be used in ambient light conditions with suitable handling as the light cover protects the plates from light exposure during the scan cycle. The cover can be removed for work in darkrooms if required.
  • The scanner weighs less than 45 kg (99 lbs) and has a footprint of 560 x 560 mm (22 x 22 inches). It extends to 560 x 1280 mm (22 x 50 inches) when the feed and exit tables are attached.
  • The light guide can be easily cleaned with an internal brush which is operated by simply turning a set screw. The eraser section of the scanner is completely sealed from the optics section to prevent migration of any dust particles into the machine.


Imaging Plates *must be purchased with rental

Three different types of imaging plates with a ferromagnetic back layer have been developed specifically for the CRxVision. This allows the imaging plates to be magnetically transported through the scanner with no phosphor touch points. In addition, this new design helps reduce backscatter which improves the overall quality of the image as well as allows the imaging plate the ability to return to a flat position after being constantly bent around curved objects.

GE´s three imaging plate types are as follows:

  • IPC2: Standard Resolution & High Speed - for general purpose
  • IPS: High Resolution & Medium Speed - for inspection of welds
  • IPU: Extreme High Resolution & Slow Speed - for extremely high resolution applications when very low micron range sensitivity is required.

Plates are available in various size formats ranging from 70 mm (2.76”) wide to 1500 mm (60”) in length.



  • no gain setting or photomultiplier adjustments required when exposing various thicknesses


  • Accepting a wide range of sizes, shapes and classes of imaging plates


  • Multiple plate scanning option: side-by-side and back-to-back with a flat transport path

High Resolution

  • New laser optics for profound reading and higher data extraction

Extended Plate Life

  • No mechanical handling of the imaging plate during scanning and erasing


  • Fully compatible with GE´s existing Rhythm Software Platform

Ambient Operation

  • Cover protects the imaging plate from light exposure

Direct Laser Contact

  • The laser beam is in direct contact with the imaging plate (no glass to obscure data collection)