• SKU: IAT-CB-002
  • Brand: Ionix Advanced Technologies

HotSense™ HS582i High-Temperature Dual Cable

Description High quality, heat and abrasion resistant dual UT cables to connect the probe to any thickness gauge or flaw detector using Lemo 00 connectors....
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High quality, heat and abrasion resistant dual UT cables to connect the probe to any thickness gauge or flaw detector using Lemo 00 connectors.

All cables are high-temperature resistant, dual co-axial cables protected using a fibreglass outer jacket for continuous use up to 250 C (392 F) or intermediate use up to 550 C.

The cable is compatible with all the handle extensions, including the 2" handle and strain relief. The cable may be purchased as part of a complete kit.


  • The fibreglass outer jacket provides heat and abrasion resistance to the cable assembly without impacting flexibility and keeping it lightweight
  • Fibreglass, as opposed to a flexible metal conduit, prevents conduction of heat through the cable reducing risk of burning the operator or damaging equipment
  • The cable uses common connectors to allow integration to all thickness gauges and flaw detectors which use the Lemo 00 connectors. Adapters are available for other connectors.


  • Any high-temperature thickness spot or grid measurement
  • Ideal for scanning application where a robust, lightweight cable option is required.


    Surface temperature range*
    -55 to +550 / [-67 to +1022]
    °C / [ °F]
    Storage temperature
    -55 to +80 / [-67 to +176]
    °C / [ °F]
    Tip diameter
    11 / [0.434]
    mm / [in]
    *Custom geometries available on request
    Connector Type
    Dual UNF 10/32 Microdot
    Weatherprood stainless steel construction
    Transducer centre frequency
    Active element diameter
    8.0 / [0.315]
    mm / [inch]
    Wear allowance
    1.5 / [0.06]
    mm / [inch]
    Acoustic characteristics certificate of conformity supplied with each

    *See duty cycle chart for use. Requires compatible couplant

    **For other specification requirements please contact our sales team


    Parameter ValueNotes
    Range in Steel1 to 500mm / [0.04 to 20"]with compatible gaug
    Echo to echo range2.5 to 50 mm / [0.1 to 2”]
    in steel

    *Compatible with industry standard UT gauges and flaw detectors


    About HotSense™

    • Built on the award winning HotSenseTM ultrasonic platform powered by the proprietary Ionix HPZ Piezo-ceramic, and offering increased heat resilience
    • Dual element thickness gauging transducer for use through -55 to +550 °C [-67 to +1,022 °F] wide temperature range for in-service assets
    • Reduce inspection time with no duty cycling or cooling up to +350 °C [662°F]
      maximizing productivity and minimizing down-time or outages with in-service


    • Measure remaining wall thickness from 1 to 500 mm with compliant thickness gauges on hot assets, in-service, without shutdown or isolation
    • Better data from easier and more accurate calibration at asset temperature
    • 2X increased wear resistance for the most extreme environments and applications including scanning and corrosion mapping
    • Range of accessories available, including port inspection wand and safety guards for the most extreme temperatures
    • Compatible with industry standard ultrasonic gauges and flaw detectors
    • Compliant to EN 12668:2 and ASTM E/1065 to meet existing asset integrity UT procedures